Veronica, 28


I love that Pickle Shack NYC chose to focus on vegan dishes. It is not always that you can find that here especially since the demand mostly leans on meat dishes. The food they offer here is delicious. I cannot really complain. They see to it that they only use fresh and organic ingredients which is a plus. It is evident when you taste their food that they serve high-quality dishes here. They are not made simply for commercial consumption only. This restaurant is highly recommended. You should try this.


Mitch, 35


My girlfriend is vegetarian. Whenever we go out, we have a hard time deciding where to eat because there are just as many restaurants here that offer good vegetarian dishes. I’m not even vegetarian myself but I make sure to try them every once in a while especially when my girlfriend cooks them. But when we stumbled in this restaurant, I changed my perception. I decided that vegetarian dishes were not as bad. This restaurant takes vegetarian dishes to a whole new level. What more is that the ambiance of this restaurant is very relaxed and intimate making it a great place for date nights.


Michael, 23


The crafted beer they sell here is so good. It comes in many different flavors which would keep you coming back for more. I specifically like their coffee flavored crafted beers. Being a coffee addict, this is something that sings to my taste buds. But their spicy crafted beer is also something that should not be missed. If you want to be more creative in your night out with friends, then this is a place you should be. The ambiance is nice, the place is beautiful. This could immediately be a place you frequent at night. 5 stars for the people behind this restaurant. Good job!