About Us

Pickle Shack NYC is a restaurant that has been first established in New York City in early 2000. It was a small place that can only seat about 40 people at once. You know how expensive it can be in establishing a business in New York City. Since we do not have yet a brand back then that is well-known, we chose to start small to test the waters. Soon, however, we proved that this is not anymore necessary. People love our food and saw to it to let us know about it.


It was in 2005 during our third anniversary when we decided to start to expand. It was hard at first, but with the support of our patrons, we managed. We loved how they are the ones who backed us in this new endeavors. Not one day when we were feeling tired of the stress already that they left us behind. There were always words of encouragement which just motivated us more. And now, we are opening another restaurant. We are branching out to take advantage of the demand. Tempe is only a start. We are planning to open more before the year ends and we just hope that you would still support us.


Pickle Shack NYC is owned by Grace Lambert who migrated to NYC with his family in the 90’s. Her dream is to be an entrepreneur. Her passion for food, especially vegetarian dishes, is what pushed her to choose this as her first business. So far, it was a success. Their family recipe of pickled everything is greatly sought-after by people from in and outside of New York City. Try them out yourself to believe it. These pickles are worth your every penny. We are sure that you’d love it.


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