Pickle Shack NYC Posts

Vegetarian and Vegan’s Haven


Are you a vegetarian looking for the next restaurant to explore? Do you prefer good food combined with equally good food? Then you are just on time because Pickle Shack NYC just opened its doors to the people of Tempe AZ. We are a restaurant that is serving good vegetarian dishes since 2002. We started in the beautiful New York City, and now we are here to give a pleasurable dining experience to the people in this part of Arizona. This is our first attempt for expansion and we just love to have you here with us.


Pickle Shack NYC is a vegetarian and vegan’s dream through and through. There is no meat at all in our menu so if you are among those animal rights activists like many of us here, then you’d absolutely have nothing here to cringe about. Aside from that, our menu is made better than ever. Although we have retained the original dishes we brought from New York City, you’d love how we reinvented it to suit the taste buds of people from this city. We put in additional spices and twists that would keep you on your seats asking for more. This is how we plan to create every single branch of our restaurants unique. Yes, we carry the same branding, but each branch would have a unique set of dishes and with a taste of that local culture and heritage.


Pickle Shack NYC is a quaint little place that is good for date nights and intimate outing. No, this does not require a black tie attire. Actually, it can easily be just a casual dining, but the whole place gives an intimate vibe. It is very relaxing with its candlelight theme so even if you just want to relax after a long day at work, this is the perfect place for you. We serve here variously flavored craft beers for you to choose from. Our best seller is the spicy flavor, but we do have chocolate, grapefruit, and coffee flavors as well. These are specifically brewed for the Pickle Shack NYC alone. What we do not have, however, is the choices for mainstream beers or those that are manufactured by big breweries. But nonetheless, you’d love the crafted beers we offer here.


The Pickle Shack NYC is not called that for nothing. Yes, we do sell pickles here and they are gourmet made. The ingredients we used for our pickles are specially handpicked which ensure its quality before we serve them. This can be bought to-go or could accompany your food. Either way, you’d love the flavors that would retain in your taste buds when you have a taste of it. You can also buy our pickles as a gift for your friends and loved ones who love them. They come in specialized jars that they would definitely love.


Are you done with your garage door repair Tempe? Then why don’t you drive down now to our place so that you can have a taste of what we are telling you about? We promise you that you’d love it.